Hello folks, We're Clay.

Specialized in
web-based custom applications,
that will help you grow your business.



We are a bunch of web developers, full of geekiness and passion.

We create web-based applications from scratch, regardless of the size, complexity and the scope of a project. We are passionate about challenges, but above all what drive us is the ambition to overcome them. We embrace hard work, because it always pays off in our experience. Stack? Doesn’t matter... Though we always prefer to rely on cutting edge technologies. #docker#serverless#API#microservice#architecture.


Planning is everything, the plan is nothing. In our experience, most of the development projects fail to due the lack of a proper specification, so we take this phase quite seriously. Firstly, we lay down the foundations. Secondly, we prepare a deep analysis in order to make sure that there are no surprises during the project.


Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries. We create solutions for flesh and blood people, not just for the sake of putting it out there. Before we even start scratching, we always aim to actually understand the needs of our end-users. Though the design phase doesn’t stop there: the design can always be perfected by methodical feedback gathering and A/B testing.


Enough small talk, the real coding begins here. The planning phase revealed the destination, now we have to choose the ideal path to get here. In other words, we define the stack and architecture by usually opting for modern, modular, fast and reliable solutions.


After hours and hours of coding and testing, the moment comes to deploy the project. We utilize a so-called CI/CD philosophy, which stands for continuous integration and continuous delivery. It embodies a culture, set of operating principles, and collection of practices that enable us to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably. Then babysitting comes...


We help you grow your business digitally.

Everyone goes digital. We have the tools, the talent, and the experience to help you on your journey-

Project Definition

YYou know how your business, works, we can bring the IT competence to the table. Let’s combine our expertise in order to define the requirements and the detailed specification of your project.

Web Design

We create UX/UI driven design by relying on actual end-user feedbacks. The result will be a masterpiece when it comes usability.

Front-End & Mobile Development

We will develop your perfect application regardless of the platform, the stack, or the framework. We are up to any challenge.

Middleware, Microservices and Integration

Real geekiness starts right here. Let’s build a professional software architecture, where your old and new applications are integrated into each other.

Campaign Management

We are not just your ordinary development partner, the project doesn’t have to stop after deployment. We are an unstoppable force, when the time comes to creating and executing an efficient online marketing strategy. PPC, content marketing, video production? Yes, we can.

Professional Analytics

Creating cutting-edge IT solutions, and launching conversion-optimized digital marketing campaigns are pointless without professional tracking tools and expertise. We are data-driven professionals able to implement the leading analytics softwares in the market.


Some of our recent projects you might find interesting.



Automated emails, dynamically created landing pages, API integration.

Banking sales platform

OTP Fund Management

Personalized investment fund sales platform. Client: OTP Fund Management

Market research platfom

Gardena Market Research

Survey creation, representativity algorithm, Facebook PPC integration, automated reports. Client: Gardena

Brand & UX/UI design

Design, Design & Design

Customized vitamin pack algorithm, automated marketing system. Client: MyVital

Personalized healthcare platform


Everything digital, but sometimes we venture out into offline areas. Client: Various

Website development


Custom website development with blog, analytics, and love.


Get in touch and let's do some IT together. Let's turn your great idea on an even greater digital product.